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Ish Gordon

A truly inspirational and innovative artist, we are delighted that Ish has shared some of his work with us. Ish is considered one of the pioneers of digital artists worldwide. He has presented nine solo exhibitions so far, and participated in numerous group exhibitions. Ish won first prize at the "Wacom 2012" painting competition, and represented Israel at the 2013 international exhibition in Cannes, France sponsored by Marina Picasso.

Check out Ish's beautiful wineplatters below. To Order Click Here!

Retail Price:  $25.00 - Now 20% Off Through Dec 31st! Only $19.99!

Dimensions: Size: 28.8cm x 20cm (11.4" x 7.9") .  

Material:  3mm THB wood

Shipping:  $4.00 - Anywhere within the U.S.

For wholesale or bulk discounted pricing please contact us

Ish's non-wineplatter creations may be seen (and ordered) at:

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