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Isam Telhami

Isam's passion for photography is evident from the moment you meet him. His moto is “Composition means flying in the frame without falling down”. An architect by profession graduating from WIZO College in Haifa, Isam recently added professional photography to his impressive list of accomplishments.

Isam has developed a stunning style that is uniquely his own, and has won numerous awards. His photographs have been displayed in various international exhibitions, and he even teaches his techniques to those who wish to emulate his beautiful work.

Check out Isam's beautiful wineplatters below. To Order Click Here!

Retail Price:  $25.00 - Now 20% Off Through Dec 31st! Only $19.99! 

Dimensions: 28.8cm x 20cm (11.4" x 7.9") .  

Material:  3mm THB wood

Shipping:  $4.00 - Anywhere within the U.S.

For wholesale or bulk discounted pricing please contact us

Isam's non-wineplatter creations can be seen (and ordered) at:

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